Can Scratched DVDs Be Repaired?

Digital video discs or digital versatile discs (DVDs) still exist today. They can still be found in game stores, DVD stores, and movie rental stores. They store data imprinted as bumps and pits on the disk’s polycarbonate plastic layer on a single sided or double sided face, which may have a single layer or double layers. Underneath the inner layers, there is a piece of aluminum to prevent the laser from going through the data. Over all the layers, there is a semi-reflective gold layer that permits the laser in the DVD reader to pass through and read through the data under it.

Now, for the question above: can scratched DVDs be repaired? The answer is ‘it depends’. You have to assess the damage first if the scratch was very deep or if it was a very light one. If it was a very deep scratch that touches or goes through the aluminum layer, then sad to say, you can’t repair it anymore. The only thing you can do is have it replaced at the shop where you bought it and pay a certain fee for it. If the scratch was not too deep, then the data can still be retrieved with the varied methods listed below.

Buy Commercially Prepared DVD Scratch Fixers

There are items in the store which you can buy to fill in the scratches. There are various scratch fillers used on cars and scratch repair fluids originally made for compact discs (CDs) and DVDs. There are also products which contain melamine foam that could smooth out the scratches made on the surfaces of your aforementioned DVDs.

Use Anything With Oil

It is widely attested to by the people on the internet that products with oil (such as peanut butter, toothpaste, shoe and furniture polish, petroleum jelly, banana peels, lip balms, window and eyeglass cleaners) work wonders on the scratched DVDs. The good thing about oil-based products being used as scratch fixers is that they remain in the disc even after the disc is wiped clean.

If you don’t want to worry about future scratches on the DVD that you just repaired, it would be best to resort to backing up the data that was imprinted on the disc by either burning the data onto a new disc or making a copy of it on your desktop computer or laptop’s hard drives so that next time you would lend your DVD to other people, you won’t be paranoid about having them scratched and losing the data.


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