How to choose the best motherboard for your PC.


Choosing the right motherboard for your computer could be a difficult task to some people who do not have the expertise. It may result to your computer working slow or breaking down after sometime. When choosing a motherboard to use, you should consider the following factors:

  • Compatibility with other computer components
  • Its reliability
  • Its strength when doing operations
  • Quality

Having a background about computers and its hardware could be an added advantage when choosing a mother board to avoid scum or buying the wrong motherboard after all. This article will help you know the ways you can pick the best motherboard for you PC.

Check the Compatibility of RAM

The motherboard you choose should be compatible with the Random Access Memory that your PC has already. There are 4 aspects to look at this:

Type of RAM

There are two types of RAM basically. The DDR3 which was older version and the most recent type DDR4 which is faster than the latter. A motherboard can only be able to support only one type of the RAM. Therefore, if your PC has the DDR4 RAM already, you’re supposed to choose a DDR4 motherboard only

RAM speed

The motherboards are only able to support a certain speed of installed RAM. If your RAM stick has a speed of 2133 MHz, you are supposed to pick a motherboard which supports the same speed.

RAM capacity

It is advisable to have a knowledge of the maximum RAM capacity your board can be able to operate with. Some motherboards can take up to 128 GB RAM capacity whereas some cannot be able to support a 32 RAM capacity. Therefore, know your RAM capacity to know the board to pick for your PC.

No. of RAM slots

Most boards have expandable RAM because they have additional RAM slots. Putting the number of slots in consideration can help you improve your computer speed and performance.

Type of motherboard

There are two types of motherboards in the market. The Intel based and the AMD boards. The Intel based motherboards can only work with the Intel central processing unit (CPU) while the AMD boards are only compatible to the AMD CPU. Before picking the board to take home, you are required to be knowing the type of CPU you have to avoid frustrations of picking the wrong type.

Form Factor

Here, you are required to check the size of your original motherboard. There are two common sizes in the market: Micro ATX and ATX. Micro ATX boards are usually smaller in size and have limited features e.g. slots. What you should know here is that, an ATX board cannot fit into Micro ATX case due to the difference in features and sizes and hence you should not make a mistake when buying the motherboard.

Choose the motherboard from the best brands

Over the years, there are some companies which have been very consistent in manufacturing motherboards. These companies are the best to choose from for a guarantee and quality purposes. Some of these manufacturers include Asus, AsRock, Gigabyte and MSI. Sticking to these manufacturers can help you get a long-lasting solution to your PC. However, it is not a guarantee that every motherboard that these manufacturers have is the best but through experience they are the better option to choose from.


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