Why you should disable your webcam

Many people have webcams on their computer. This will allow them to see friend and family members over the internet. A webcam is not as safe as most people would think. There are several reasons why you should disable your webcam and do it as soon as possible.


It does not matter if the webcam is on or off. A hacker can gain access to it. This can watch a person in their home and even record them if they choose. A hacker can be spying and most people will not even know it. If the computer is in the bedroom a person can be see undressing and couples can be taped sharing intimate moments. These images can be saved and they can be uploaded to other sites. A person can be featured on unsavory internet sites and will not even know it.

Breach of Information

In addition to spying on people hackers can get a lot of information from the webcam. They can use this camera to have access to the information on the computer. They can use the webcam as a way in. This will allow them to the access bank accounts, passwords, and other sensitive information.

Other People

When a person is using their webcam for chat they never know who is on the other end of the camera. They may be able to see the person but they will know nothing about them. They do not know what a person will do with their image. This can be dangerous.

A webcam can invite a hacker into the home whether it is turned on or off. Even when the webcam is switched off a person can still be spying on people that do not even know it. So that they can collect video data and other personal information. There have been several studies and experiments done by government agencies to show how easy it is to view on a person when they do not know it. This is true for both internal and external webcams. This turns the webcam into both a security and a safety issue.

If a person is using an external webcam they should unplug it from the computer when it is not being used. This will prevent anyone from being able to spy. Turning the camera off is not enough. Hackers can still view people though the device. When a person wants to use the webcam again all they need to do is plug it back in.

If the webcam is internal a person can enter the control panel and click the webcam or camera option. They can then select lock or disable. This will prevent the webcam feature from being used and no one will be able to access the computer.

A very simple to disabling a webcam is to over it can. There are special covers that can be used. A person can also put a piece of black tape or even a piece of cloth over the webcam. If someone tries to access it they will not be able to see anything.

Webcam can be a way for people to stay in touch with friends and family . They can also be a way to invite hackers into the home. When a person is not using their webcam in order to stay safe they need to unplug it or find another way to stay in contact with loved ones such as the traditional photograph.


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